Charitable Constitution

In 2021 Sustain & Enable finally formalised and published the Charitable Constitution we had been living since inception to ensure mission lock and that stakeholders would understand our ethics and how collaboratively we operate to co-create social, environmental, and climate benefits.

This has enabled government agencies and other stakeholders to treat us more like a Charity than a business when considering things like funding applications and collaboration opportunities.

The Purpose and Kaupapa sections at the front of the document are particularly helpful for read to help people get to know us.

You can see the formally adopted version of the document here.

how do I get involved?

Some site content is provided as a public service, but you can support the cause by becoming a member and enjoying access to our ever-growing on-line resource database.

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Join the team. We work with a range of organisations and activities that need the help of volunteers. Register with us and we can put you together with the right people.

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As with many community-focused enterprises, we rely in part on donations to continue to offer some services. Every little bit helps, please click here.

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Within every community is a vast pool of knowledge and skills which we would welcome as part of our community resource. If you can contribute, please click here.

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