vision and values

10.RecyclingOur Vision: “Healthier Homes, Zero Waste. A flourishing network of eco-neighbourhoods and resilient, connected communities by 2050.”

Sustain & Enable is a Community organisation, Social Enterprise and Environmental Consultancy. We support and encourage people to care for the environment, do meaningful work, and live healthy, sustainable lifestyles with minimal stress and maximum time with the people we love.

“Through expert planning and delivery of environmental programmes, we enable people and organisations to make informed, ethical, affordable, and sustainable choices that make everyone better off.”

Our Mission: “to help people live in healthier homes and reduce the waste they send to landfill”

Our target this year is to “help 2000 people live in healthier homes or reduce the waste they send to landfill”

Healthier, efficient, sustainable solutions for:

  • Home owners
  • Rental properties
  • Property professionals
  • Investors and developers
  • New builds
  • Industry
  • Businesses
  • Public sector and non-profit organisations

We work in collaboration with many organisations around New Zealand and internationally to maximise the environmental and social benefits we can deliver for you.

Our Values:

  • Honesty
  • Collaboration
  • Transparency
  • Proactivity
  • Accountability
  • Lifelong Learning

Sustain and Enable is working towards a future where people are healthy and make the right choices for themselves, their families, their communities, and the environment. 

Some of the principles we see as core to this are:-

  1. Learn from the past and focus on the future we want. Build resilience.
  2. Environment, health and wellbeing, family, community and sustainability are the most important elements of a happy, wholesome, balanced life.
  3. The environment is bigger than all of us. Unlike people who can speak for themselves, plants, animals and ecosystems have few advocates. Their needs should trump ours.
  4. Practise being fully present and commit to the people you are with. Help other people whenever you can; it costs little but can make a big difference in their lives. Avoid helping people make bad decisions.
  5. Learning is a lifelong journey. You will learn something from everyone and everything you encounter and they can learn something from you.
  6. Seek to understand. Communicate transparently, frequently and in all directions.
  7. Feel, think, collaborate, understand, then act.
  8. Money was created by people to make trading easier – it only has the value we collectively allow it to have.
  9. Use what you have to create, change or trade for what you need. Buy only what you really need to.
  10. Buy local, NZ-made, sustainable products in preference to supporting large multinational companies, particularly those who take profits offshore.

how do I get involved?

Some site content is provided as a public service, but you can support the cause by becoming a member and enjoying access to our ever-growing on-line resource database.

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Join the team. We work with a range of organisations and activities that need the help of volunteers. Register with us and we can put you together with the right people.

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As with many community-focused enterprises, we rely in part on donations to continue to offer some services. Every little bit helps, please click here.

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Within every community is a vast pool of knowledge and skills which we would welcome as part of our community resource. If you can contribute, please click here.

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