A Healthier Home

Sales people knocking down your door? Not sure what products you actually need? Don't spend money before talking to us!

We can help you with impartial advice on insulation, ventilation, mould, moisture, and heating needs of your home so you know exactly what you need and where to get it.

Most homes in New Zealand are cold, damp, mouldy, and are making the people who live in them sick, and most people in NZ do not realise exactly how unhealthy their home is!

House Condition BRANZ Assessment vs Self Report

But we can help, and most interventions cost less than you think.

We have extremely high rates of Asthma, Respiratory Illness, Bronchitis, and preventable third world diseases in New Zealand. 1600 more people die in Winter in NZ than in Summer! It's colder, so this could seem logical, until you find out that this does not happen in much colder countries in the world, and research by the University of Otago, BRANZ and others has linked our poor health record to the poor quality of our homes.

BRANZ 2015 House Condition Survey Results

The World Health Organisation recommend minimum temperatures of 18 degrees Celsius overnight, or 20 degrees Celsius for the very young, elderly, or vulnerable. Breathing becomes more difficult at 16 degrees, and it becomes harder to pump blood around our bodies at 12 degrees - which can lead to permanent damage in vulnerable people such as Rheumatic Fever in our children. An unacceptable number of New Zealand homes have been measured at less than 12 degrees and many more at less than 16 degrees overnight.

Kiwis are pretty staunch, but it's not just a case of hardening up and putting on another jersey - if people you care about breathe in air that is too cold it will most likely lead to respiratory and heart problems and a trip to the hospital. Ask us for help today.

Still not convinced if you need a Healthier Home Assessment? Download our Healthier Homes Brochure.

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