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Sustain & Enable are impartial experts in designing and building healthy, efficient, accessible, low-waste, sustainable homes and helping people learn how to keep their homes and people they care about healthy.
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Sustain & Enable uses impartial expert advisers to give clients peace of mind that they are building to the right level of sustainability for their needs. Sustain & Enable works with builders, architects and other professionals to design and build sustainable buildings that achieve a minimum rating to a client’s requirements. We aim to make the process simple and easy.

Homeowners like Sustainable Homes

High standards for insulation, ventilation, heating, and moisture control create a home that’s healthier to live in and cheaper to run. A healthier home means fewer days off work sick which is good for homeowners and tenants alike. An independent rating provides peace of mind and assurance to purchasers and tenants about the property’s warmth, efficiency and sustainability. 

Did you know? Most NZ homes are under-heated by international standards, falling at least 2 degrees Celsius short of the World Health Organisation’s minimum - 18
degrees Celsius. Clients are noticing!


Sustainable buildings are definitely much cheaper to operate, but at Sustain & Enable we believe that sustainable homes should also be affordable.
Sustain & Enable will help you make smart, sustainable choices to make each project affordable—ideally inside your existing project budget.

How much could I save?

• Save money on waste and development costs.
• Save money on ongoing energy and water bills.
For example: in Auckland, a minimum rated 6 Homestar home will likely be 38% more energy efficient than a home built to building code.


• Marketability: a warm, dry, healthy, efficient, high performing home is more attractive to rent or buy.
• Cost-effective way to lock in value throughout the building chain. Early engagement means it is easier to include smart design and sustainability principles.
• Increased consumer demand for healthier homes with lower running costs means more work for tradespeople capable of delivering these homes
• New Health and Safety legislation means liability for unhealthy, unsafe or insecure homes. We help you to avoid damp, mould, and air quality problems; good design reduces safety and security concerns.

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