Zero Waste

As business owners or individual consumers, we are all entitled to make our own choices based on factors that are important to us; the choices we make should be ethical and comfortable, but shouldn't cost the Earth, or be otherwise unaffordable. We believe that given a level playing field, most people will make decisions they know are ethical, so we like to encourage and educate people to take actions and make purchasing decisions that are healthier for themselves and the planet we call home. Wasting less also means that you are more efficient and usually financially better off. 

Zero waste is an aspiration; the intention to continuously do better to reduce the amount of waste we create as a society and how many resources we send to landfill. The concept of waste is a human one - there is no waste in nature, and the balance of resources moves from one steady state to another where everything that has gone before is re-purposed and used again and again. Every individual in a system is both a producer and a consumer.

So if we're smart and design things right, why should there be waste created by our society or businesses? We like to think of Zero Waste as being about helping people to make those choices that are right for them, supporting good practices, advocating for changes in the system that will make everyone better off, and about taking responsibility ourselves to improve our own habits over time, because no one is perfect, right? 

 To find out more, read our Zero Waste Brochure and if this philosophy speaks to you, please get in touch - we'd love to help you or your project or organisation make better use of resources, and minimize wastage regardless of how sustainable or otherwise you believe your habits might be.


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