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A Community Organisation, Social Enterprise and Environmental Consultancy. A diverse team of volunteers, employees and contractors committed to help people and protect and restore our environment: We support and encourage people to care for the environment, do meaningful work, and live healthy, sustainable lifestyles with minimal stress and maximum time with the people we love:

Our Culture

Sustain & Enable have a unique culture, and a highly diverse team of volunteers, employees and contractors who are all committed to helping make the world a better place for current and future generations and to mitigate some of the harm humans have caused in recent centuries. We work hard to collaborate with as many people and organisations who want to make things better as possible. We recognise that to help everyone thrive, it's going to take well... everyone. This includes those who are young, elderly or have a disability as well as those who care, and those that need to learn to care about people and the environment. We believe that everyone should have access to a fair share of the economic pie - enough to thrive.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer

Sustain & Enable is committed to equal opportunities and safe and healthy working conditions for everyone. This is reflected in our employment policies and procedures and the way we treat our people. Everyone - regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, culture, marital status, age, disability, health or mental health conditions, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs – has access to equal employment opportunities, particularly recruitment, training, career performance management and conditions of employment. Because we are different to most other workplaces, we like to get to know you, your interests, skills, and needs before we offer any specific positions and many of our team start out volunteering to try us out before they commit. 

We welcome applications from people who have physical and mental health challenges, and those who find it difficult to find or stay in work or have had a difficult journey through life, including those who feel that a past employer did not have due care for their well-being and stress levels. We recognise that recovering from a toxic situation or workplace can take time, and we are here to help. Supporting and training people are big parts of our culture, and our goal is to build a caring, trusting, transparent, open and honest life-long relationship with all of our people; to give them access to whatever they need to thrive.

Current Vacancies

We welcome applications from people who have physical or mental health challenges and provide equal opportunities and safe and healthy working conditions for everyone. We encourage volunteerism, and recruit to fill vacancies with paid roles when funding permits. We currently have the following vacancies on our team:

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Our People are:

  • Ethical and honest, avoiding surprises,
  • Supportive and caring,
  • Collaborative, friendly and helpful,
  • Proactive and accountable,
  • Reliable and dependable,
  • Committed to learning and cooperating,
  • Conscious of their health and well-being, but available for occasional weekend work

About Sustain & Enable

This year we have a goal to help 2000 people live in Healthier Homes or reduce their household or business waste:

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We are a living wage employer and are seeking partners to allow us to train and support more amazing people who have experienced challenges and need a bit of extra support to thrive at work. If you can help or are looking for a new challenge and are interested in getting to know us better, please Contact us
If we are actively recruiting for a specific position you can find the details on this page. Please send all volunteering, contracting, or employment enquiries to
If you have a great idea or we don't have anything specific listed at the moment, why not contact us to see if we can support you to set up a new environmental or social project.

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