Helping Your Community

8.RugbySustain and Enable is an Environmental Social Enterprise, established to help people and organisations to do good things for their local communities and natural environment and support them as they take the next steps in their sustainability journey.

Part of this is creating a focus for the community through which everyone can take action for the benefit of people, places and the planet. Our local area spans Huapai-Kumeu in the North West of Auckland but we are happy to help other people get good things going in their locality area too. Our goal is working with groups and individuals in the North and West to identify local environmental and sustainability priorities and deliver improvements in ecosystems, housing, edible gardens, waste, water, energy and transport.

We can help you by providing:

  • A wide range of services designed to involve and encourage the community to connect with each other and the local environment
  • Regular updates and information about sustainability and environmental issues within the region – things like community transport, waste minimisation, resource recovery, home water and energy efficiency, natural environment and edible gardens.
  • Workshops and related events
  • Online and physical spaces to connect the existing skills and resources within the community

Website – the hub

This website has been set up to become your ‘go to’ hub for all information about sustainable living. As it grows it will become a source of how to’s, news on relevant local topics such as recycling, workshops, upcoming environmental events like planting days as well as providing links to other information sources and work going on in the area.

We also see it becoming a place to connect with others who think like you. This may be through sharing your skills and knowledge, offering surpluses from your garden, setting up discussion days about waste…. anything is possible and we welcome all interest, inputs and suggestions. Click here to send us your thoughts.

The Community Resource Centre

Like our website, this too we envisage will become a focus for community sustainability activities of all kinds, a drop-in centre that spans everything from workshops to repurposing unwanted goods into useful items.

The Centre will be designed so local businesses, schools and families can drop off unneeded or broken goods and learn how to repair or recycle them properly. The shop will sell things that have been given a new life by locals and other goods that help you live more sustainably.

This project still on the drawing board at this stage and we welcome any support, financial or otherwise you can provide to get this project up and running. If you would like to help us turn this vision into reality this please click here.

how do I get involved?

Some site content is provided as a public service, but you can support the cause by becoming a member and enjoying access to our ever-growing on-line resource database.

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Join the team. We work with a range of organisations and activities that need the help of volunteers. Register with us and we can put you together with the right people.

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As with many community-focused enterprises, we rely in part on donations to continue to offer some services. Every little bit helps, please click here.

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Within every community is a vast pool of knowledge and skills which we would welcome as part of our community resource. If you can contribute, please click here.

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