3.GreenstufIt’s no secret that humans have been responsible for extensive environmental damage and pollution over time. We think it is past time we started to address some of the mistakes of the past without blame or prejudice, by starting to make better decisions now, and we’re doing something about it.

Sustain and Enable has been established for the benefit of the planet Earth by delivering projects, goods and services to individuals and organisations wanting to make sustainable choices for the future.

We want to work with anyone willing to make the commitment to taking action for the benefit of people, place and planet. We want to support and encourage you to keep doing the things you do well, to understand why you do what you do and to help you make more sustainable choices in the future.

Step 1: Shifting Your Thinking

Sustainability is about making sure that the natural resources we choose to use today are still as available for our children and descendants to use in the future. This helps to build resilience and leads to people re-using materials more efficiently and innovatively, rather than becoming wasteful consumers.

Sustainable living is about choice; making a conscious decision to incorporate sustainable practices into your daily life by thinking about what you can do better, how your actions affect other people and the environment, and what changes you need to make to live your desired lifestyle.

These can often be relatively small shifts in thinking, achieved through growing awareness of ways to make change in your day-to-day lives often at little or no cost.  They may cover things like:-

  • Avoiding waste of energy, water and resources – do you have a rainwater tank for watering the veggie garden or flushing the toilet? Do you have energy-saving LED bulbs? Alternative energy sources such as solar?
  • Making best use of what you have - can that item you are throwing away be repurposed or used by someone else?
  • Thinking about the impact that your choices have on other people, animals and the environment.

Step Two: Talk to Us

Every action we promote is directed at achieving healthy homes, sustainable businesses, friendly neighbourhoods and resilient communities. This can take many forms.

We will happily come and consult with you on ways to incorporate sustainable practices into your business, community or household. We can then provide a report on things you might do and can help implement your chosen actions, for example more efficient insulation and heating, solar installation, recycling programmes and so on.

We provide workshops and educational programmes at all levels to encourage sustainable practices round the home. This includes school programmes and staff workshops covering all sorts of topics from edible gardens and compost to waste minimisation in the factory or workplace.

New home building is also a superb opportunity to incorporate all kinds of energy saving and ultimately cost-saving design, appliances and systems within your home to enhance its future contribution to the planet.

To this end we work not only with you as new home buyers, but also with the many trades and professions from architect to builder, specifier and local and central government who play a part in how property is developed and how buildings and homes are constructed.

 Step 3: Make Plan of Attack

When we started to list all our services we realised just how many ways we can help you achieve a more sustainable lifestyle.  Many of these services also overlap. Ideally we can assist you with deciding on your sustainability goals and what method/s you need to achieve the outcomes you want. Contact us now and start living more sustainably.

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