16.Prepare to stopAnother critical issue for Auckland is transport and this is particularly relevant to our rapidly expanding North-West region.

Much of this has come about through lack of infrastructure investment. The result? Major public transport issues in the form of lack of connectivity between types of transport and regions of the city. A real lack of frequency of service and reliability of service is evident throughout the city, but is even more obvious in the North West, as this area continues to grow exponentially without parallel infrastructure.

Sustain and enable’s transport solutions take several forms

The first of these is to advocate on the local region’s behalf to introduce public or community transport options that in the shorter term use the existing resources better, e.g. trains, whilst also ensuring any public transport options are affordable, reliable and user friendly.

We will also work to educate about other ways to overcome transport issues, e.g. many cars have only one person in them during peak hours which only increases the congestion on our existing roads.

Longer term we will be working with other community groups, local council, and Government to keep the North West region prominent in future infrastructure planning.

The power of networking

The three core modes of transport – public, private and active (e.g. walking, cycling, scooters, etc) – need to be better integrated. We will work to connect people with services, share resources, create transport nodes and promote the use of alternative transport wherever possible.

We encourage businesses to allow more people to work flexible hours or from remote locations more often and are excited to promote schemes such as the “Commuter Refuge” programme which will allow people to work off-site during peak hours, then travel into the city once the traffic has dispersed.

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