Educational Programmes

The key to the future success of our planet lies in education across all walks of life, all age groups, and all levels of awareness about sustainable living and natural systems.

As such we have devised a range of educational programs which are aimed at encouraging and connecting individuals to their local environment and communities. In all cases, our main aim is to teach practical skills that all attendees can then incorporate in their daily lives.


Community Workshops

We run community-based workshops on a regular basis on all relevant subjects and are happy to provide workshops on your specific topics of interest. Please let us know what subjects you would like covered by clicking here.

Business Workshops

We also provide workshops that focus on issues relevant to the workplace such as waste minimisation and energy and water efficiency that help keep your costs down. The savings can be significant and don’t always require capital investment.

If there are specific subjects you would like to cover, we can tailor-make suitable workshops, with the aim of equipping your team with practical skills and knowledge to improve your business’s sustainable practices, carbon footprint and bottom line.

School-based workshops and Holiday Programmes

Ultimately, the future of the planet lies in the hands of our children. The best thing we can do now is encourage their respect for and awe of the environment and equip them with practical skills and knowledge of all the many ways they can contribute to its good health.

Sustain and Enable offers a range of workshops and interactive learning events for children of all ages. We can work with the community, local schools or parent groups and develop fun teaching programmes to excite and engage them all.

We are also happy to work with any of you who would like to run your own workshops on relevant subjects. Please contact us here to discuss your ideas.

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