Buying or selling property?

Thinking of selling property?

Sustain and Enable do pre-sale checks for vendors so you are aware of any nasty surprises that may reduce the (perceived) value of your home before you put it on the market or settle on a price. Often vendors choose to spend a few hundred dollars on a solution we recommend so they can maximise their sale price. Our report is also a really good sales tool - we are happy to reinspect the property after recommended works have been completed to help you advertise your commitment to health and sustainability to potential new buyers.

Thinking of purchasing property?

How will you know if your new home will be healthy to live in, or your energy bills will be affordable? Sustain and Enable do pre-purchase inspections for buyers to know what they are getting in for before they sign on the dotted line.

Already committed?

Before you move in, now is a great time to confirm if you need to do any minor or major work to the property to create a healthy, liveable environment for the occupants! Once furniture and other things are moved in it becomes harder to access some hard to reach places where you may need to do remedial work or retrofitting for energy and water efficiency or moisture control.

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